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Mid-South Kung Fu offers complete Martial Arts and Personal Defense training in Sil Lum Kung Fu. This is a “Five Animal” system which combines natural movements inspired by five animals, Crane, Tiger, Dragon, Snake and Leopard.  Sil Lum also utilizes several weapons, to create one of the most effective Self Defense systems in the world.  Sil Lum Kung Fu originates from the Shaolin monasteries in China, and carries the original philosophy of combining physical and mental training, in order to create harmony of body and mind.

Sil Lum Kung Fu instills discipline and respect by following three covenants; Peace, Truth and Justice, so its well suited for both children and adults.  Sil Lum Kung Fu builds physical and mental strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and stamina, all aspects of good health and well being.  Kung Fu also builds confidence and awareness, principles that students use in their daily lives, regardless of shape, size or age.

Mid-South students also learn Modern Arnis, a Filipino fighting/self defense system which utilizes “short fist” empty hand techniques with formidable single and double stick weapons techniques.  Students learn to defend against both armed and unarmed opponents.

Mid-South also offers lessons in Tai Tzu Chang Chuan, which covers aspects of Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Northern Gung Fu.  This is an “internal” style, which emphasizes a healthy lifestyle of proper posture, breathing, diet and exercise.  The flowing movements develop inner strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation.

Tai Tzu is well suited for adult students  especially those with busy and stressful lifestyles.  Practice helps the students clear the mind, tune the body, focus and decompress after a long and demanding day, improve health, while learning useful and effective Self Defense techniques.


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