Emperor’s Long Fist : Tai Tzu Chang Chuan

longfistWe also offer Emperor’s Long Fist, founded by the first emperor of the Sung dynasty, Chao Kuang Yin. “Tai Tzu Chang Chuan” or Emperor’s Long Fist covers all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-I, Ba Gua and Northern Chinese Gong Fu. The emperor had a keen interest in the Martial  Arts and is credited with collecting all available documents and manuscripts on the subject including those from the famed Shaolin temple. It is said that these manuscripts were stored in a tower behind the Shaolin temple. When the temple was destroyed, most of the records were lost. Fortunately much of the art was passed on and lives on today.

These “internal” arts help to develop the inner strength and relaxation essential for proper self-defense. Thousands of Chinese and a growing number of westerners also practice Tai Chi. The internal arts provide aerobic exercise, increased flexibility. and increased health and longevity. This art was formulated using all of the principles of the Wutang and Shaolin schools and almost all Northern and Southern styles were derived from the Emperor’s Long Fist. We have a proud lineage in this art, traced directly to the Chao family for over 36 generations.